Jadata Servers are a legal process serving company, specializing exclusively in service of legal documents and Rush Service. Located in the metropolitan area of Houston. We are dedicated to serving your documents in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Worried about who is handling your documents? Let us put you at ease. Staying within the guidelines of the legal parameters can be complex and must be strictly observed at all times. This is why delivering legal documents correctly is critical. Be careful when choosing a process server so to not let your lawsuit fall through the cracks and possibly into a black hole of calendar continuations.

We are committed to providing you with the highest professional level of service, and we work hard to complete your assignment effectively and swiftly. We realize that until we successfully serve your papers you cannot move your court case forward. Your case counts on it.

You can be assured that we will carry out your specific instructions, based on the information you supply to us regarding the applicant, plaintiff, respondent, defendant's name, address etc., within the time requested in your written instructions. Our process servers strive to accomplish your goals properly, in a timely manner, and get you the results you deserve.

It is our mission at Jadata Servers that all parties must be properly served. Anyone who is not served is not bound by the decision in the case.
When you are in need of a reliable, presentable process server you can rely on us to handle your sensitive and urgent documents discretely and professionally. A defense attorney may attempt to challenge the service in an effort to have the case thrown out. The process server should, therefore, be extremely knowledgeable in the laws and procedures that govern process serving. It is very important that the service was performed legally and properly, and defendable in light of the circumstances and challenges. Our registered professional process servers understand the basics and complexities that go with the delivery of court documents, and a good process server can save you time and money by making sure the job is done the first time quickly and correctly. A quick turn-around-time is always our goal, which is especially what we strive for during the course of our process service. No matter who the person or company is, they can be served.