Private Investigations

Private Investigations

  • Rates apply state-wide in Texas and are to be confirmed before work is started.
  • All cases are initiated with a case intake with the client and Company Management.
  • There is a minimum number of work hours per case to be agreed upon with the client.
  • All quotes are written in email or contract and delivered from the company office.
  • All quoted fees are due in advance of any work provided.
  • No refunds will be available once payment has been made and work has begun.


Static or Mobile Surveillance: $100 per hour

•           Minimum of 1 investigator on site

•           Investigator will conduct video and photo surveillance of location and subject during dates and times agreed upon with the client

•           Periodic updates may be provided to client during the investigation at the discretion of the Company Manager

•           Final Reports including chronological data, background information, all media and any additional services shall be issued after the project is complete and all balances have been paid by the client.

•           QPI reserves the right to terminate services if the client interferes with the case in any way.


GPS Monitoring          $200 per installation/deinstallation; $20 per day rental fee per unit

•           GPS installation and use adheres to strict privacy laws in the state of Texas and will only be used if approved by Company Management after discussion with client.

•           Real time information will not be disclosed to client and any information obtained will be managed and secured by the Company Manager at all times.

Background Investigations     BASIC - $150 Service Charge (Skip Trace/Locate)

•           Includes Basic Information on subject (Identity, Location, Family/Associates, Phone, Email, Additional Data)

INTERMEDIATE - $250 Service Charge

•           Includes BASIC service package and 1-2 additional data verification items (i.e., Criminal History, Marriage/Divorce)

COMPREHENSIVE - $350 Service Charge (plus any additional time)

•           Includes BASIC & INTERMEDIATE, plus deeper advanced searches on social media, unique database work, etc.

•           All background investigations are verified to their primary source where available.

•           While we strive to deliver results as quickly as possible, it is very difficult to work with the limited court services available during COVID. We cannot provide accurate delivery times at this time.

Witness Interviews and Statements        $150 Minimum Service Charge (1/4 Hour Prep, 1 Hour Interview, ¼ Hour Post) Plus Mileage and Additional Expenses

•             Recording and Transcription Available At Additional Cost

Pre-Litigation Services   Hourly & Custom Rates Available Based on Case Need

Quinn Private Investigations: Toll-Free: 800-889-MYPI (6974) Local: 832-735-0232

CONSUMER INFORMATION: This company is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Licensing & Registration Service, Private Security Program. If you need to file a complaint, please contact DPS via website or mail: OR P.O. Box 4087 Austin, Texas 78773-0001